Creator’s File: Gold Season 1

  • 12 Jun - 18 Jun, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Creator’s File: Gold is a really funny show that manages to nail its satire beautifully. It’s a show that plays on tropes and clichés, poking fun at celebrity culture and various different reality documentaries. Like most satire of its kind, it won’t be for everyone, but there’s enough here to make for a really enjoyable and utterly ridiculous comedy series nonetheless. The eight episodes see this man masquerading as various different fictional professionals ranging from a perfect concierge to an innocent actress. There are even episodes that see him prancing about as a theatre and movie director. Along the way, a host of different celebrities lend their talents to the project, with Japanese actor Yokohama Ryusei rocking up in the first episode. By contrast, Nagano Mei appears in an extended role during the absolutely hilarious fourth episode featuring an innocent actress. Played by Akiyama of course. The episodes themselves adopt a unique tone and style too, feeding into whatever topic is being explored. The other episodes take advantage of everything from narration and splash screens through news reels, photos and even narrative beats seen in travel blog shows. There’s an awful lot of style put into this and the constant re-energising ideas is partly why this works as well as it does. As a personal gripe, a few of the episodes do feel like they’re running dry on material.