• 12 Jun - 18 Jun, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Let’s examine how Netflix movie Carnaval tries to lure us in: Attractive people in bathing suits, a gorgeous seaside setting and its potential to be a Brazilian Girls Trip. It’s about four best friends taking a VIP vacay to Carnival, a.k.a. the world’s biggest party, where they find love, laughs and reasons to squabble. Nina (Giovana Cordeiro) is an influencer on the way up. But it’s not easy – she has 327,000 Instagram followers, which means she’s dreaming of getting to a million. Her happiness goes straight into the crapper when her boyfriend, who we meet as he’s totally smashing at the gym, dumps her for a girl with only 1,437 followers. Nina does some pouty posts, which rouses the concern of her best friends: Mayra (Bruna Inocencio), a sweetheart with agoraphobia; Michelle (Gessica Kayane) and Vivi (Samya Pascotto), a geekus who can’t be with a dude who can’t answer her Harry Potter trivia questions. To compound Nina’s misery, her breakup resulted in a viral meme. But fate picks her up, because even though she’s utterly embarrassed, she’s still very good looking, and scores an invite to Salvador for Carnival as the guest of Freddy Nunes (Micael), a current hit pop singer. Caranval is one of those movies trying so hard to be funny. The characters and the jokes in the film are clichés.

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