Instagram to change its algorithm after it was accused of censoring pro-Palestinian content

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Facebook-owned Instagram has made changes to its algorithm after a group of its employees reportedly complained that pro-Palestinian content was not viewable for users during the conflict in Gaza. Instagram typically surfaces original content in its stories before reposted content, but will now begin to give equal weighting to both, the company confirmed. As reported, the Instagram employee group had made numerous appeals about content that had been censored by Instagram’s automated moderation, such as posts about the Al-Asqa mosque being mistakenly removed. The employees didn’t believe the censorship was deliberate, according to FT, but one said that “moderating at scale is biased against any marginalised groups.” Instagram ended up apologising after many accounts were unable to post Palestine-related content, a move that head of Instagram Adam Mosseri tweeted was due to a “technical bug.” Instagram says it has heard from users that they are more interested in original stories from close friends than they are in seeing people who reshare others’ photos and posts. That’s why it prioritised original stories, the spokesperson said. “Stories that reshare feed posts aren’t getting the reach people expect them to, and that’s not a good experience.”

Apple TV app is now coming to Nvidia Shield

Apple’s streaming TV app is coming to another platform: Nvidia’s Shield. Shield owners will now be able to access Apple TV Plus, rent movies through Apple’s store, and access subscriptions to premium channels that were set up through Apple. Apple needs the streaming service to be accessible in as many places as possible in order to expand viewership. And viewers need to be able to access the service on whatever device is hooked up to their TV, if Apple wants to make sure people use it and stay signed up. Apple TV Plus is already available through many of the most popular streaming devices. It’s offered through Roku and Fire TV streaming devices, available on recent PlayStations and Xboxes, and supported on many Vizio, Sony, Samsung, and LG TVs. The app came to Google’s latest Chromecast in February, and it was supposed to expand to other Android TV devices. The service will support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on Shield devices. The more places Apple TV Plus can be accessed, the better odds Apple has of getting some actual paying subscribers.