Momina Mustehsan

“What kind of candidates’ falls into the ideal criteria; should they be critical thinkers or passive machines who can reproduce content on paper as expected?” Syllabus needs to be revisited and revised. #CSS2020 #Reforms

Hania Aamir

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt Smoking kills - #QuitTobacco #WorldNoTobaccoDay

Yumna Zaidi

Plant a tree every year for healthier environment. We are 22 crore, so just think that how much we can add to the nature. #WorldEnvironmentDay

Mansha Pasha

Life is ever so fleeting. Farhad Humayun has passed away. I met him for the first time at the red carpet of an award show. He was nominated. I was a newcomer in the industry meeting an established artist. Will never forget it. Thank you for the music Farhad. #farhadhumayun

Fahad Mustafa

Disgusted with the way people are treating actresses of our industry, if you don’t like what they do you have a choice not to follow them but stop judging and trolling... #respectwomen