All those who think Islamophobia is just a figment of imagination, NO! This crucifixion of entire Muslim community needs to stop. Go, enlighten yourself about us before spreading hatred. No place for senseless crimes against anyone because of his faith. #condemnhatecrime in Canada

A Pakistani-Canadian family was murdered in a horrific act of Islamophobic violence in London, Ontario. A nine-year-old boy, hospitalised with serious injuries, is the only survivor of the terror attack. Adnan Siddiqui emphasised that the increasing terror attacks on Muslim community in the West aren’t acceptable at any cost.

Thank you, Fadi, for giving us great music, good times and for playing on my first album. Buddy, I was thrilled about our collaboration – I have finished the lyrics as well but I didn’t know we won’t be able to make it happen. Your legacy – fire, passion and insane courage - will live on forever. You were a beast in the studio!! #farhadhumayun #RestInPeace #GoneTooSoon

Ace musician Farhad Humayun of the band Overload passed away after battling with brain tumour. Musicians along with music enthusiasts across the country mourned over the untimely death of the musician. Atif Aslam paid a gratitude tribute to the singer whose legacy and contribution to the music industry will be remembered forever.

Awful awful news about the train accident at Ghotki. Prayers and condolences for those affected by it. I hope, pray and plead for an investigation into this incident. And the right decisions to be taken accordingly.

Mahira khan sends her condolences to the victims of the Ghotki train accident. The accident happened when the Millat Express coming from Karachi derailed, falling on to another track. It is not clear what caused the derailment. The horrific collision has killed at least 40 people and injured dozens.