Meesha Shafi is now certified to teach yoga

Celebrity fitness

Celebrities have hectic and busy schedules and they welcome the chance of exploring their yoga practice at a profound level that a teacher training demands. Many celebrities feel that teaching yoga keeps them grounded physically and emotionally. Hence, many celebrities have gone beyond the traditional practicing of yoga to becoming teachers and instructors, Meesha Shafi being one of them. The fitness enthusiast took to her social media to reveal the news while posting a picture of her graduation day along with a caption that read, “Today I graduated after completing 200 hours of yoga teacher training #ytt200hr and am now a Yoga Alliance certified teacher.” Talking about how becoming a yoga teacher has been her dream and a blessing for her, she said, “This has been a dream of mine for so many years. In many ways, going through this intensive training during the pandemic was a blessing. It kept me anchored in a practice which took care of my physical, emotional and mental well being and gave me a beautiful sense of belonging to an amazing community of yogis!”