Zoya Nasir opens up about how social media trolling is ruining lives


Cyber bullying and extensive social media trolling has become a common practice and considered entertainment by many users nowadays. Celebrities are often an easy target and the latest victim of it was Hania Aamir who was being bullied online by trolls. Actress Zoya Nasir who also faced social media backlash and trolling after her split with German vlogger Christian Betzzman last month, penned a note voicing her opinion and solution to the problem. Taking to Instagram, Zoya stated that social media trolls have collectively ruined careers, relationships and mental health of people at hand. “If every time a troll could get punched in the face for leaving insensitive and vulgar remarks on the internet, social media wouldn’t be such a toxic place,” she further wrote adding that there are too many cowards on social media. “Too many cowards sitting behind their keyboards with no fear of consequences. You don’t achieve greatness by spewing hate, sleaze and passing judgments. You just achieve another level of being scum of this earth,” she concluded.