Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood ended their feud years after ‘Thirteen’ aired

18 years after co-starring in Thirteen, Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed talk to each other weekly – "sometimes daily," Nikki said on an episode of the Story + Rain Talks podcast. But their relationship wasn't always so sunny. Evan and Nikki were just 15 when the movie premiered, and according to the Twilight alum, the girls "had a couple of years after that film where we didn't speak." Nikki revealed how the pair eventually reunited and got over their feud. As she explained, "As adults, we realised that it's because the process of creating a film and promoting it… We were too young to realise this at the time, but there were a lot of people that were kind of pitting us against each other, and making it a competitive atmosphere." She continued, "Which, now, in hindsight, I'm like, 'Of course, because isn't that the recipe for how to treat all young women in this industry?!'" Nikki now feels that it's "amazing" that she and Evan "reconnected" years ago. Their mutual background as child stars and their newfound experience as moms has also helped them bond.