• 19 Jun - 25 Jun, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix movie Awake enters the high-concept sci-fi sweepstakes with a premise in which everyone on the planet loses the ability to sleep. Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) gets top billing, under the direction of Mark Raso, helming his second film for Netflix after 2017’s Kodachrome. Jill (Rodriguez) seems miserable. She works the night shift as a security guard, and supplements her surely paltry income by burgling expired prescription drugs and selling them to a scummy dealer. She has two kids, teenager Noah (Lucius Hoyos) and 10-year-old Matilda (Ariana Greenblatt), who are under the legal guardianship of their paternal grandmother (Frances Fisher). Jill is a recovering addict and former soldier who used to work under military psychologist Dr Murphy (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and the car just died and all the other cars on the road died too and the brakes don’t work and they just got broadsided and they tumbled off a bridge into the river and they barely escape and Noah and Jill get to the shore just in time to see police officers doing CPR on Matilda who coughs and sputters awake. Electricity and all things electronic are dead. Jill walks the kids to the hospital, which is overrun with emergencies, and they quickly learn their cuts and bruises and near-death experiences are not a priority. Jill randomly wanders into the coma ward because the plot needs her to, so we can see that all the patients are awake.