Lemon and White Chocolate Crackle Cheesecake

  • 19 Jun - 25 Jun, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Cookery


· 120 g copha

· 120 g white chocolate

· 1 cup icing sugar

· ½ cup full cream milk powder

· 3 cups rice bubbles

· ½ cup desiccated coconut

For Lemon Cheesecake Filling

· 500 g cream cheese

· ½ cup caster sugar

· 180 g white chocolate

· 2 teaspoons gelatine

· Zested rind and juice of 1 lemon

· 300 ml cream

· Fresh raspberries, to garnish


Combine the copha and chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of gently simmering water, stir until melted. Remove from heat. Combine the icing sugar, milk powder, rice bubbles and coconut in a bowl, add the Copha mixture and stir to combine. Spoon three-quarters of the mixture into the base of a greased spring form pan. Chill. Reserve the remaining white chocolate crackle mixture. Beat the cream cheese and sugar together until smooth. Stir in the gelatine mixture and lemon juice, mix well. Stir through the chocolate and most of the lemon rind, reserving some for garnish. Gently fold through the whipped cream. Pour the filling into the prepared base. Decorate the top outer edge of the cheesecake with the reserved white chocolate mixture. Refrigerate until set. Decorate with raspberries, lemon rind and serve.