Ertugrul’s Cengiz Coskun and Nurettin Sönmez are the new faces of J. fragrances

Celebrity endorsements

Celebrity perfume endorsements have taken over the cosmetic advertising world. Before, most brand advertising featured professional models, but soon after celebrity fixation took over. Pairing a celebrity with a popular product is an instant way to become a sure success. Celebrities bring buzz, their persona and the limelight to each individual product. Their fans have a direct attachment to them and their work and thus, will likely buy the products they endorse. That being said, with the growing craze of Dirilis: Ertugrul, many brands took on the brilliant idea of promoting their products by partnering with the stars of the show. Now jumping on the bandwagon is J., who has partnered with Cengiz Coskun and Nurettin Sönmez for its new scents. The brand has launched two fragrances – Warrior (Savasci) for Coskun and Defender for Sönmez.