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The following day, Asad was with his father at his home. They were having lunch at the dining table. His father asked him,

“So, why didn’t you go to work today?”

“I’m really fed up. There are rumours about me all over the place. I just can’t face anyone at work.”

“Are you saying that you are not able to face them because of something that is a total lie?”


“Well, that’s not very courageous of you.”

“Father, these people are asking me all the time about Kiran. They have no manners. There are etiquettes of everything. My colleagues know nothing about them.”

“What exactly is in their minds? About you two?”

“There are people who are saying that I proposed her. They think that I proposed her with a car.”

“So, why don’t you tell them the truth?” his father asked.

“Why should I? This woman is not a part of my office. She is just spreading rumours to get my attention. And I am not willing to give her any such importance.”

“Look, I would just advise you to keep on going to work. Don’t escape. Focus and concentrate on work.”

“Oh,” Asad replied giving it a thought, “I like that.”

They ate their lunch for a while and then Asad asked,

“So, I should keep all my colleagues aside and focus just on my work?”

“Of course, that’s what I meant.”

“Okay, I like that thought.”

“Have some rest today. But go tomorrow and keep everything casual. Just pretend as if everything is normal.”

Asad nodded.


Next day, Aaraiz was with the estate agent. The estate agent handed over the keys to Aaraiz. And Aaraiz said to him,

“Thank you. Now I can stay inside this house.”

“Yes, but for one month.”

“Right. What about purchasing? When can I purchase it?”

“Not right now. This house has no documents as you know it.”

“No, I meant when will you attain those documents?”

“I can’t say anything for sure right now.”

“Alright, you do whatever you can. But I need to see the house right now.”


A few minutes later, Aaraiz was inside the house and the estate agent was standing outside,

“It is still dusty.”

“I know.”

“I asked you to have it thoroughly cleansed.”

“I told you that it would require some time.”

“Well, it needs a lot of cleaning,” Aaraiz answered. “Anyways, do you know anyone?”

“Yes, I do. I know one guy who can arrange a sweeper man.”

“Okay, just give me his number. I’ll talk to him myself.”

The estate agent checked his phone for a while and said after a while,

“Well, I have forwarded you his number. Check it.”

“Okay, good.”

“By the way, I won’t be here for a while. So, you know whom to contact.”

“Yes, we discussed that earlier. I know it all.”

Aaraiz checked the text message and said,

“Well, I got his number. This is the first thing I’ll have to do.”

“What? Getting the place cleaned?”



Next week at Mahnoor’s house, Kiran was sitting with her and they were having a serious conversation,

“Alright, as you know what I’m up to,” Kiran said, “you have to just keep me updated about where these two guys are headed.”

“Kiran I never promised you that. I never said that I will help you in this crime.”

“No, but you promised that you would do whatever you could to help me to overcome Asad.”

“Yes, but that didn’t mean I would let you kill Aaraiz.”

“Look, it should not be your concern. I will do what I have to.”

“So, why are you involving me then?” Mahnoor asked. “You are against Aaraiz, you have personal grudges against him, why do I have to be a part

of this?”

“Don’t worry, you won’t be in trouble. Just do what I tell you to do.”

“Why? Why?” Mahnoor got angry. “You just said that it is not my concern. When it is not my concern then why am I being dragged into this wet mud?”

“Alright, calm down.”

“No Kiran! I have had it with you. You have no motive, you have no purpose in life. So you have finally decided to do something different, so that you would feel that something exciting is going on in your meaningless life.”

“Mahnoor, you must know that you have gone quite far now. But I will let it go once you agree to work with me.”

“Oh, my God!” Mahnoor held her forehead. “You are just unbelievable.”

“Listen to me, Mahnoor.”

“You have no self-respect at

all Kiran.”

Mahnoor stood up getting fed up and did not pay attention to what Kiran was saying.

Kiran however said to her,

“Alright, you can do one thing for me. If the police gets involved in all this, you will tell them what I will ask you to.”

“Fine,” Mahnoor said thoughtlessly just to get rid of this conversation.



Next night inside the old house around, Asad and Aaraiz were seated on a couch and they were playing cards. Asad said while they were playing,

“This is a good place that you have rented.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, it is a good place to hang out…with friends.”

“Yes, it needs some redecorating. It will be done quite soon. In the meantime, we can think of options. I am open to suggestions though.”

“Well, we can think of it…”

“My father is willing to purchase it, but it is the issue of documents. Once the documents will be handy, I will purchase it, the first thing.”

“Yes, I get it.”

They played the game and enjoyed their soft drink.

After the game was over, Aaraiz asked picking up all the cards,

“Are you willing for another round?”

“We will after a while. Let’s go and get some snacks.”


“Yes, it will be an outing for us as well.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

They both stood up and prepared to leave. Asad’s phone began to ring. He checked the caller’s ID, it was Mahnoor’s call. He answered the call,


“Asad. Your friend Aaraiz can be in serious trouble.”

“What? Mahnoor, calm down, say it again.”

“I’m saying” she spoke clearly, “your friend Aaraiz is in danger. Kiran has gone really mad. She is planning to murder Aaraiz. Inform him as soon as you can. Do you hear me?”

“Mahnoor, what the hell are you saying? You are in your senses, right?”

“Asad, don’t make me angry right now. Just give me Aaraiz’ cell phone number.

I will call him myself.”

“He’s right here, talk to him.”

Asad handed over the phone to Aaraiz and said,

“Talk to this girl. It’s about you.”

Aaraiz said while keeping the phone next to his ear,

“Yes, who is it?”

“Aaraiz, is this you?”


“Aaraiz you are in big trouble. Kiran is planning to kill you.”

“Are you serious?”

Asad snatched the phone and disconnected it. He then said to Aaraiz,

“It’s just another way to get our attention.”

“What are you doing?”

“Trust me, these girls are just trying to get my attention. I have to ignore them anyhow.”

“Are you sure we shouldn’t talk to them?”

“Trust me, lets it go.”

That instant moment, Asad’s phone began to ring.

“Oh, God!” Asad spoke getting irritated.

He ignored the call and turned the phone on silent mode.


Kiran was at her home one day all alone. She was loading the two bullets inside her gun that she had acquired through illegal means.

Once I get this job done. I’ll dissolve this weapon in acid.

As she was ready with her gun, she read the list that she had made earlier. This list was a step by step actions guide that she needed to execute before committing the actual crime.

Tomorrow evening, I’m doing this. She talked to herself. No one should come in my way. Mahnoor has been taken care of, all the others who can possibly become obstacles in this shall be shot dead. Or can they?

She looked at her heart shaped necklace and commented,

I will take this and show it to Aaraiz. He is the one who actually came between me and Asad. I don’t care though, once I will kill him, I will teach Asad a lesson too.

She made a phone call that moment to the criminal who had been working for her all this while. He answered the call,


“Okay, listen to me. You have to keep an eye on that fellow Aariaz.”

“I know…”

“You have to follow him and give me an update of everything. Your updates should not stop.

I need an update after every one hour.”

“Don’t worry, you got it all. What about my money?”

“And secondly, you will delete all the texts that I will send you. You have to delete my conversation, do you understand?”

“Okay, I will. Tell me about my payment.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get everything. Right now you and I need to be clear about how all of it will be conducted tomorrow.”

“I’m clear about all of it.”

“Are you sure?” Kiran asked.


“Okay, text me tomorrow.”

She disconnected the call.


Next evening, Kiran received a text message from her hired criminal. An address was mentioned there. Below the address, it was stated,

“Aaraiz is here right now.”

Kiran kept her phone aside and said,

Get ready to face your death Aaraiz.

Nearly one hour later, Kiran finally reached outside the house that Aaraiz had just purchased. She paid the taxi driver his due and then she walked towards the house. She had worn plastic gloves. The gun was in her hand but she had hidden it in a cloth.

As she entered inside the house since the door was open, she got quite surprised as she saw that Asad was there with Aaraiz.

“You?” she said while looking at Asad.

“What are you doing here?”

“I am here to talk to him. You stay out of this.”

“Why are you here?” Asad asked angrily. “Get out of here.”

Kiran with one hand opened her purse, and took out the necklace. She then threw it on Asad’s face.

Asad got hit on the face but he held it anyway.

“What do you want?” Aaraiz asked as he walked forward towards her.

“You!” Kiran spoke angrily. “You are the one. It is because of you that people really dislike me. I am not going to spare you alive.”

“I have revealed the truth. You are a greedy criminal. You got his phone snatched. We all know.”

“You just stay here,” Asad said walking towards another room. “I’m calling the police.”

Aaraiz followed him while speaking,

“Wait, don’t call the cops.”

As the two of them had walked towards another room, Kiran saw that Aaraiz’ phone was there on the couch. She then picked up his phone and said,

Now the next part of the plan, I will write that text proving Aaraiz’ suicide, so I can get away with it.

After a while, while she was done with this. The two boys came back to that room.

Asad said to her,

“Kiran just get out of here.”

“I won’t go unless I kill someone here,” she said showing her gun.

“Oh, my God!” Aaraiz uttered.

Both of them were terrified but Aaraiz was more scared and he rushed to escape the place. Asad walked towards Kiran to resist. Kiran hit him on his face with the gun. Asad fell backwards getting hit on his previous injury. He realised that he was bleeding again. He stood up anyway and turned towards her. Kiran pressed the trigger and shot him on

his face.

Asad died.

Oh, my God! She claimed. This was not my plan.

She however, gave it a little thought and then said in her thoughts,

Alright, now I will keep his body on the couch and make it look like a suicide committed by Aaraiz, not Asad. And I also have to kill Aaraiz before this matter reaches to the court.


Present Day

Inside the courtroom, Kiran was seated at the defendant’s table. She appeared quite sad and worried. Whereas, Aaraiz was seated on the opposite side at the plaintiff’s table. Aaraiz seemed hopeful as he was expecting some justice from the court. Mahnoor was however seated with the back side audience, and she also seemed to be upset.

Few minutes later, the door opened and the judge entered inside. The bailiff exclaimed,

“All rise!”