Reese Witherspoon reveals the role which caused her panic attacks

In a conversation with Tracee Ellis Ross for Interview magazine, the actress recalls taking on the challenge of portraying Cheryl Strayed in Wild, saying she was "so scared" about filming the project. "I was having panic attacks for three weeks before I started," she shares, explaining the "nudity and drug-use" were intimidating aspects. Another anxiety-inducing factor for Reese was "being alone on camera with no other actors." As she explains, "I hadn't ever been alone in scenes for days. There were probably 25 days of the shoot where I had no other actor opposite me. It was just me and a camera and a backpack." The Morning Show actress reveals she also found herself questioning, but with less than a month to go until filming, Reese had to combat her fears, so she turned to hypnosis. The Oscar winner said the movie was so important to her as a woman. She has been increasingly open about her mental health and previously shared how she'd "lay on the floor and cry," because she's simply "overwhelmed." Nowadays, it sure looks like Reese has things figured out.