03 July, 1844 – The Great Auks go extinct

The last known pair of Great Auks was killed off the coast of Iceland. It is believed that the extinction of these birds was caused by human hunting due to the high demand for their feathers.

04 July, 1865 – Alice in Wonderland is published for the first time

The classic fantasy novel was written by author Lewis Carroll. The book recounted the adventures of a curious girl, Alice, who falls into a rabbit hole and meets human-like animals and creatures.

05 July, 1996 – World's first live cloned mammal is born

Dolly the Sheep, a domestic ship was cloned led by Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell at the Roslin Institute. While her birth was considered to be a success for cloning science, she did not live very long.

06 July, 1912 – King Gustaf V officially opens the fifth Summer Olympics in Stockholm

It was the first such event in history to introduce automatic timing devices for track competitions. 28 countries participated in the games, making it the first time players from all six continents were present at an Olympics.

07 July, 1947 – Rosewell UFO sighting

An object crashed into a ranch near Rosewell, New Mexico raising speculations that the object was an extraterrestrial spacecraft containing alien life forms.

08 July, 1889 – Wall Street Journal published for the first time

Three financial reporters named Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser created The Wall Street Journal to supersede a previous periodical called the Customers' Afternoon Letter.

09 July, 1877 – The first Wimbledon Championship is held

The Croquet Club in London hosted the first Wimbledon championship, which was not only the first tennis championship held in England but was also a precursor to grand slam tournaments.