Sam Asghari empowers Britney Spears to share the truth about her conservatorship

The Lucky singer spoke to a superior court judge about the mistreatment she has allegedly endured during her 13-year conservatorship led by father, Jamie Spears. Britney powerfully stood her ground in a speech about why she believes she does not need a conservator anymore. Turns out, her boyfriend Sam Asghari has been right by Britney's side the whole time, empowering her to speak up. One source close to Sam revealed, "Britney feels like the weight of the last decade or so is slowly but surely lifting off of her shoulders. She feels empowered beyond words, and a large part of that is Sam, who empowers her in every way and has been her rock throughout this entire ordeal since she decided to speak up. She is eternally thankful to have him." Despite Sam's efforts, there are still "restrictions in their relationship," per the source. "Marriage is definitely something they have talked about and Sam would marry Britney immediately, if they were allowed. They do have plans for the future but the first step is getting Britney out of the conservatorship."