The Gift: Season 3

  • 03 Jul - 09 Jul, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Turkish Netflix Original The Gift, or Atiye, has prided itself on being a bit weird ever since it debuted in 2019. Since then it has enjoyed a moderately successful second season that toyed with a number of high-minded genre-bending concepts, and evidently earned enough goodwill among fans to be greenlit for a third and supposedly final season – thus, here we are. What started out as the story of an Istanbul painter discovering mysterious connections to her past at an Anatolian archaeological site has become something else entirely at this point, but throughout it has maintained a recurring theme of humanity’s connection to the mystical and the spiritual; a fine line between real and imagined, grounded and otherworldly, that we have brushed back and forth across in each of the show’s now 24 episodes. There’s a lot to chew on, as ever, but some viewers might find the show’s insistence on enigma a bit wearing. Atiye and Erhan, and their search for their daughter, Aden, are a core emotional anchor to proceedings. The dreaded Netflix cliffhanger stays away from The Gift: Season 3, and while the ending veers into cliche and contrivance, it is very much an ending.