Elite Short Stories

  • 03 Jul - 09 Jul, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Ever since it premiered on Netflix back in 2018, Élite has been at the forefront of telling steamy stories about rich teens getting into trouble. But before the new season premieres, the show has one more new trick up its sleeve. Élite Short Stories are micro mini-series that show us what are favourite kids have been getting up to during their summer break. Each edition tells a complete story and it is an indication, each will be worth your time. What’s great about Élite Short Stories is that it not only catches hardcore Élite fans up on where these characters are mentally going into Season 4, but it’s also just great storytelling. You don’t necessarily need to be entrenched in the world of Élite to understand the emotional heft of certain revelations or to appreciate Georgian Amorós’s truly outstanding comic performance. As Rebe herself remarks to Guzmán, with a huge bunch of the core cast not returning, new alliances and cliques will have to form. And a few long-standing romances will have to be wrapped up or solidified going forward.