Colour palette: Neutrals

If you think neutrals are boring, think again! When done with the right combinations of textures, contrasting colours, and patterns neutral home decor ideas can be absolutely stunning. Going with a neutral palette is a fantastic way to try out design trends without looking too trendy. Neutrals are classic and they give any style a crisp, clean look that really elevates the entire room. So, put down that can of red paint, at least for a moment, and read on to get some neutral decor inspiration.

Coffee tables often become the focal point of your room. So, make sure yours is of the perfect hue and style.

To light up the room and give it a warm aesthetic that will complement the neutral tone, you can add a hint of gold to interior decor pieces.

Not just great for telling the time, add some personality to your home with a neutral shaded wall clock.

Match your tableware with the neutral theme by adding these jute coasters for a perfect rustic style.

Bring an unexpected touch of texture to any bedscape or sofa with this fringed throw pillow in grey.

Adorn your space with hanging planters in cream to hold your gorgeous greenery.

To bring a little drama to the dining table, mix light and dark hues in the centerpiece like this marble candleholder.