Shamoon Abbasi starrer Karachi Division is the crime-action series to look out for


Crimes have been the focus of storytelling for most of history. People have been drawn to stories of rules broken and punishments handed out. The same fascination continues today in scores of movies and TV shows, whether the plot focuses on dirty cops or lawyers hunting down scofflaws. Everyone has a different reason for an obsession with shows depicting some of the darkest moments of life. Some may appreciate the clever storytelling of the best shows, which give enough clues to solve the case. Others may find digging into the dark minds of serial killers intriguing. With all the crime shows that have come out in recent years, it can be hard to sort through them. But one show that’s going to be on our radar this year is the upcoming crime-action-drama web-series Karachi Division. The show is directed by Shamoon Abbasi and also stars him in the lead. Karachi Division is a series based on gang wars and follows the tale of two rival gang leaders at war for complete domination and control over Karachi.