Pakistani Short film ‘Andha’ bags three awards at the first Pakistan Film Festival in Australia

Going Places!

Short Pakistani film Andha (Blind) has successfully bagged the Best Actor - Female, Best Actor - Male and Best Screenplay honours at the first Pakistan Film Festival in Australia. Kaif Ghaznavi was awarded the Best Actor – Female honour for her role as a woman who redefines her life by marrying the very man who raped her as a child. Saleem Meraj won the award for his outstanding portrayal of the blind rapist. The short film has been written and directed by Kifayat Rodani and is a poignant commentary on the childhood sexual trauma. The film also won the Best Story of the Year award at the Mumbai International Film Awards earlier in 2021. For Ghaznavi, Andha tackles an important and sensitive issue that plagues society. “i Blind basically talks about child abuse, rape and childhood trauma and also society never allowing the victim to come out of that trauma,” she exclaimed. “Something that really resonated with me was the fact that this female victim whom I played – had decided to take her future, her present and her trauma in her own hands. She became her own boss." Short films both made in Pakistan and by Pakistani filmmakers were screened during the festival.