Her beautiful elongated face, almond eyes and gossamer tresses have been her beauty trademarks, which have long fascinated onlookers. Behind the lens, Abeer Rizvi has the penchant of being as malleable as a model can be; moulding herself into a myriad of personas. You have seen her demure and chaste. You have seen her unflinchingly bold as a tigress. She is the muse of many designers and holds the fascination of those who entrap her poise on the lens. Abeer tiptoed into the world of fashion, as a Veet finalist. Since then, it has been no looking back, as she became a fashion regular, with her persona gracing the covers of fashion magazines all round. Although her luck-gimmick evaded her as she ventured into the movie business with Sahir Lodhi’s 2017 film Raasta, which was not well-received by the masses and critics alike. Abeer remains unfazed and refuses to throw the gauntlet as she continues her foray into the fashion world. The starlet joined MAG for a quick and fun rapid fire. Here are 60 seconds from her life. Excerpts:

Favourite perfume?

Ja’dore by Dior.

Favourite lip colour for a casual evening out?

I love cherry pink.

Your first cover shoot?

It was for AlKaram Studio.

Beaches or mountains?

I have a soft corner for beaches.

The scariest moment?

The scariest moment not just for me, but for anyone would be to lose someone you love dearly. It can be very scary.

The most memorable day?

25th of July.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Tom Cruise.

Your idea of the ideal man?

He should be loveable.

What would you pick as an alternative career choice for yourself, if given the choice?

I might be a housewife!

Favourite part of Karachi?

My home, without any doubt.