• 10 Jul - 16 Jul, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix is yet once again giving a platform to deaf voices with Audible, a short documentary about a deaf high school football player now available on the platform. The Orioles are losing. The football team from Maryland School for the deaf hasn’t lost to a deaf school in 16 seasons, but now, that changes. Frustrated by their loss, the boys vent to one another in sign language, some trying to calm their teammates down, while others have to step away to take a breather. Amaree, one of the seniors on the team, is hit hard by this game, but later tells a friend not to take the loss too hard – they beat this team last year, and they can still bounce back for the rest of the season. And they do. When we aren’t on the field, we get a glimpse into the lives of several students at the school; there’s Amaree, our leading man of sorts, who became deaf after childhood meningitis and only uses his cochlear implants to listen to music and ground himself, Jalen, whose moves with the cheerleaders on the sidelines make every game interesting, and Lera, whose budding relationship with Amaree only seems to confuse the both of them. They are all still reeling from the suicide of their friend Teddy, a loss that has changed them forever. As the homecoming game approaches and they prepare to play a hearing team, we learn about their lives both on the field and off, and what it means for them to be a part of this kind of rare, beautiful community.