Young Royals

  • 10 Jul - 16 Jul, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Young Royals looks like a teen show in subject matter where everyone is drinking without the parents knowing about it. Sweden’s Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) gets into a fight at the club, his parents decide it’s best for him to go to Hillerska boarding school, where his older brother Erik (Ivar Forsling) went. He doesn’t want to go, because he likes his life in the city. When he gets there, his cousin August (Malte Gårdinger), who rules the upperclassmen, especially the Forest Ridge House residence, is happy to show Wilhelm the ropes. He also wants to have an initiation party for his cousin; he hears that a non-resident student, Simon (Omar Rudberg) has a connection to some booze. Despite the fact that Simon and his sister Sara (Frida Argento) are outcasts, Simon gets them both invited to the party – an honour for a first year – in exchange for booze. Wilhelm is intrigued by Simon, and sits next to him at lunch before August “saves” his royal cousin from the “non-res”. At first blush, Young Royals elicits a big shrug from us. The series about a bunch of over privileged students doing things their parents wouldn’t approve of and exploring just what direction they want their lives to go in.