I’m a 29-year-old female and have excessive body hair. I’ve tried different types of hair removal lasers but were unsatisfactory.

The high degree of therapeutic failure is quite unusual and most likely is based on two main factors. First, you are changing your dermatologist frequently and not allowing enough time for them to show you success of their treatment. Second, your previous physicians and laser technicians have been trying different laser modalities, as such not permitting any of the selected lasers to do the desired job. The most important factor in determining the effectiveness and desired treatment outcome is two-fold: a right skin type and hair character assessment of the patient and then selecting an accurate laser type with maximum proven effectiveness. Asian hair has different characteristics, the space between cuticle cells is narrower, there are more cells and these are denser and stronger. However, there have been several major technological advances in the field of lasers, and we have many safe and effective treatment options. To achieve your desired results, consult an experienced dermatologist and skin laser center.

I am beginning to get painful pimples on my face. I used to have flawless skin. I drink enough water all through the day but the pimples are still there. Does drinking water help acne?

The fact that you mention that your pimples are painful is a bit uncommon. This leads us to suspect that you are suffering from folliculitis or furunculosis, as these lesions look very similar to acne and, therefore, can easily be mistaken for acne vulgaris. Folliculitis can be caused by trauma to the hair follicle, for example, during face waxing, hair threading or beauty facials at salons where a poorly-trained beautician gets aggressive in so-called “extractions” of white and blackheads. This can lead to traumatic folliculitis. Use of poorly sterilised or even totally non-sterilised instruments, too, could be the culprit as they become a source of spreading infection from one client to another. Whatever may be the case, the first line of treatment will include a course of oral antibiotics together with topical antiseptic facial cleansers and antibacterial gels, creams or lotions. As for drinking enough water – while hydrating the system is important, believing that this alone will prevent or cure a skin ailment, particularly acne or folliculitis, is a myth.