Asim Azhar goes from being a solo artist to a band lead

Better together

At some point, many musicians confront the choice of going solo or being a part of a group or band. This may sound like a subtle choice but this fundamental decision dictates various aspects of a singer’s musical journey. A solo artist keeps creative control and doesn’t have to share the spotlight with anyone. While a band can be a fun ride to fame with great friends or like-minded musicians. With the growing number of bands breaking up and singers going solo, one musician who thought he’s better off in a band is Asim Azhar. Although Asim has a killer career as a solo artist but forming a band could bring higher prospects to his music career. The singer broke the news on his social media with a picture, welcoming Aahad Nayani of Strings to his band named The Asim Azhar Band. The picture has six others musicians including bassist Kamran Zafar, who has worked with Ali Azmat and Mekaal Hassan Band.