Kaley Cuoco considers her Golden Globes snub the best loss of her life, here’s why!

In an exclusive interview, Kaley discussed how the opportunity to become a brand ambassador serendipitously fell in her lap after an eventful awards season. Recalling the Instagram snapshot in which Kaley (still dressed in her Oscar de la Renta gown) indulged in comfort food following a disappointing loss at the Globes, she shared, "[It] ended up being a win for me because Smirnoff called and they said, 'That's the kind of girl we want!'" The actress joked, "I'm like, as much as I've lost this awards season, I ended up winning." Though she returned home from the ceremony empty-handed, Kaley said it was simply a dream to be recognised alongside legends like Schitt's Creek star Catherine O'Hara. "Honestly, losing to 'Catherine the Great' was the best loss of my life," she told us. "I was her biggest fan and would have voted for her myself." She described, "I feel like I'm just beginning, which makes crazy sense since I've been in the business for 30 years. But I've gotten this new kind of opportunity and I think with Flight Attendant, I just have a new appreciation for the business."