Generation 56k

  • 17 Jul - 23 Jul, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Were you just coming of age when you discovered that the internet was such a cool thing? That’s the idea behind the new Italian dramedy Generation 56k, where two thirty-some think back to when they were 12 and this whole internet thing was still only accessible via work or very, very slow modems. The woman is going on a date with Daniel (Angelo Spagnoletti), who spends time talking about just how much the whole Terminator franchise blows his mind. She knows it’s not a match still decides to be with him. But she suddenly leaves. Daniel’s buddies and business partners Sandro (Fabio Balsamo) and Luca (Gianluca Colucci) are his friends and way too particular. While he’s helping his parents move on the small island in Naples where he grew up, he finds his diary and thinks back to when he was 12, in 1998. Young Daniel (Alfredo Cerrone), with young Sandro (Egidio Mercurio) and Luca (Gennaro Filippone), conspire to borrow a tape from a schoolyard thug, copy it, and rent it out so they can buy a PlayStation. Back in the present, Daniel goes for another app date, and sees a young woman outside, who seems to recognise him. Suffice to say, Generation 56k became an enjoyable comedy about two people who used to like each other way back when reconnecting in the present.