Mortel: Season 2

  • 17 Jul - 23 Jul, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

People were critical of the first season of Mortel. There was a feeling that the characters did not work, thrown against a teen backdrop and a school setting, mixed amongst god mythology and demonic tendencies. It felt off. It was marked that the characters, especially Sofiana, were not interesting enough – season one relied way too much on the “moody teen” trope that we have all become accustomed to. Mortel left audiences with a measure of potential to make season two worthwhile. Despite the Turkish series making a comeback two years later, the story returns with ease, and it feels way more established and formed. It helps that the stakes are higher, and the writers have stopped teasing with the routine of school. This time there’s an earnest attempt to understand the powers that are wielded and to bring down Obé (the announced god) once and for all. Season two feels sensible, and there’s a presumed logic behind it. It has Sofiane’s brother (Reda), who surprisingly came back to life in the season one finale. It adds a layer to the story, as Luisa’s world feels prominent – her grandmother and the Désandans are destined to protect the world against Obé, meaning there’s a level of importance to what Reda represents. Coupled with increased stakes, the main trio (Sofiane, Victor, and Luisa) have a renewed sense of unity that resonates with the audience.