Mansha Pasha

Sending love and strength to @NJLahori for what she had to go through at Heathrow airport. It’s hard enough to travel in Covid times and for someone unwell to be left to fend for themselves without a working wheelchair - it’s inhumane!

Amar khan

If dreams and belief had a face it would be #DumMastam. First look of our labour of Love! See you at the cinemas whenever the time is as per God’s plan. #imranashraf #mohammedehteshammudin #adnansiddiqui

Faysal Quraishi

It takes a heartbeat today for people to jump in and paint you in a negative light… perhaps one of the cons of social media. The need to pull people down is redundant. Imagine what a better place we’d all abide in if co-existence and bucking one another came naturally.

Ushna Shah

Can “face-touching” be removed as a norm of showing affection? It literally ruins my day/night when I meet someone and they touch my face in any capacity. Where your hands go is your business but please don’t place them on my skin.

Kubra Khan Official

Heartbreaking news from #Nigeria - may the Almighty keep the kidnapped students safe and in His protection.