The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba

The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba is another historical-fiction novel by Chanel Cleeton. In 1896, Grace Harrington's job at a newspaper leads to her becoming embroiled in Cuba's quest for independence when she writes a story about Evangelina Cisneros, an 18-year-old who is imprisoned for fighting for Cuban independence. Soon, Grace's story becomes more than a scoop for the paper; it becomes a quest to free Evangelina and encourage America to help Cuba in its war.

The Newcomer

If you want your next read to have a dash of mystery, suspense, romance, and family drama, then The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrews is the book for you. After discovering her sister, Tanya, dead, Letty hits the road with her niece, Maya, in hopes of evading her sister's dangerous ex. Due to a mysterious magazine story left behind by Tanya, Letty and Maya end up reinventing themselves at a motel, where getting too close to anyone could mean blowing their cover.

Olympus, Texas

At once a story rooted in classical mythology and an old-fashioned family drama, Olympus, Texas by Stacey Swann is an epic story about a prodigal son's return and the havoc he wreaks on his family. Two years after it was discovered he was having an affair with his brother's wife, March returns home, and it's a matter of days before the Briscoe family's lives are completely upended by marital woes and at least one dead body.