Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay is a complex story of three characters driving the plot

Teaser review

The beauty of Pakistani television is that it has a wealth of genre options at your disposal. If you want to get your action fix on, you are free to do so. If you’re in the mood for a comedy, thriller, or straight-up horror show, it has got those as well. But sometimes it’s hard to beat a genuinely great love/hate drama, and boy does Pakistani TV have a wealth of options in this particular genre. Yet another addition to this highly regarded genre is the upcoming drama serial Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay. Last week, three teasers of the drama were releases, each introducing the three main characters i.e. Mehreen Mansoor (Mahira Khan), Mashal (Kubra Khan) and Aswad Ayub (Usman Mukhtar). Mahira’s character Mehreen seems like a damsel in distress who looks dejected and intense. While Kubra’s character Mashal is Mehreen’s exact opposite and seems like a headstrong and high spirited woman, who has a slight element of darkness to herself as per the teaser. And after viewing Usman’s character, we can guess that the drama also revolves around a love triangle and in this triangle, Aswad is either a king or a pawn. The remaining cast of the drama stars Haroon Shahid, Shamim Hilali, Zainab Qayyum, Huma Nawab, Laila Wasti, Omair Rana and several others.