Zara Shahjahan schools people for their unrealistic beauty standards of the fashion industry

Diversity on catwalks

Over the years, diversity on the catwalk has become a growing theme to challenge beauty standards in the fashion industry. Models have always been a reflection of the ideal shape, size, height, and colour that societal norms have reinforced. However, despite the growing body positivity movements that the fashion industry is also adopting slowly and gradually, our general public is still stuck on the gora complex and the ultra-thin body ideals. Recently, Zara Shahjahan confronted a similar situation that happened regarding her shoot where her models were hated on for not being the so called model material. Talking about the issue on her social media, she wrote, "'They look like maids' is one comment which disturbed me the most. Are we these people? Why do we want the models to be white and sultry? Thank God for my loyal customers who know my brand and the collection was sold out but I don’t seem to get the irritation of a lot of women to these two pictures."