Faizan Sheikh and Hira Umer starrer ‘Udham Patakh’ will have you laughing from behind your sofa

On the bucket list

Horror comedy movies truly give audiences the best of both worlds. They have it all, running the gamut of raw human emotion in a way that elevates your movie night from a simple time-killer to a cinematic and social experience. When else do you get the opportunity to laugh at trauma? Find levity and joy in the face of fear? Not often! It's a form of catharsis unlike any other. The rollercoaster of feelings you experience when watching a character flee from a horrific killer is the greatest thrill. One such horror comedy that’s on our radar is the Faizan Sheikh and Hira Umer starrer Udham Patakh. Talking about the film, Faizan says, “This film is something very different and experimental and I believe this is a brave step to make a film like this, especially during Covid-19 times when the reopening of cinemas is still uncertain.” The horror-comedy has been penned down and directed by Abu Aleeha, produced by Javed Ahmed Kakepoto, and also stars Syed Ali Rizvi, Shabana Hassan, and Taha Humayun in major roles.