Anwar Maqsood reveals why he does not write for TV anymore

Speaking truth

No drama we’ve seen in the past few years has lit us up as much as classics like Aangan Teerha, Sitara Aur Mehrunnisa and the like. It's such a rare feeling, too: the buzz, the increasing excitement, the sense of stepping through the membrane of the screen until you are completely inside the drama, wandering among the characters, desperate to know what happens next. And you know that when it's over, you'll want to hector people about it, try to get them to feel some of the excitement that you felt as it unspooled before your fascinated eyes. Nowadays, with content only limited to a certain saas bahu drama or unfaithful relationships, the serials are just not as engaging and captivating as they used to be. Pakistani writer and playwright Anwar Maqsood who has many classics to his name was of the same opinion. In an interview with a media outlet, Anwar Maqsood explained why he does not write for television anymore. He said, “I have stepped back [from writing] because what is happening on the television in the recent times, there is no place for me.” “Today, they are writing in a hurry. There is pressure on the writers. What is being written in one play is being repeated in the next. Nowadays, it seems that the playwrights do not have any books in their houses. I request those who are writing the drama, please shun the quarrels and conspiracies of the mother-in-laws,” he continued.