King of Prestige Land

  • 24 Jul - 30 Jul, 2021
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Thomas’ Reign

The two years of cruelty and injustices finally ended. People were very happy on Austin’s retirement as he was the most disliked of all the brothers. People actually celebrated privately in their houses when he retired.

Now it was the time to test and face the new king, King Thomas. Let me describe, Thomas for a while now. He was a careless man whom you could hardly move. His lethargic nature was disliked by almost everyone but the brothers were not allowed to interfere in each others’ matters.

Thomas was a fun loving person like his elder brother Jacob. He preferred watching stage shows and listening to music. His life’s purpose was simply enjoying without moving. His reign had begun and his interests were spread.

His period like I stated before was a period of destructive entertainment. Stage magic and trickery was promoted quite a lot in his period. Fortune tellers and palmists also got promoted big time. Thomas spent most of his time in these theatres and was invited as a special guest every time.

During Jacob’s reign, economic conditions were challenged, but during Thomas’ period education standard was challenged. The core subjects were replaced with courses of magic and trickery. The career of students was on stake.

Another important fact that must be mentioned here is that the period of Jacob and Austin was more of a dictatorship period. But reign of Thomas and Abraham was based on democracy. This amendment was made by Thomas and every king was allowed to make such amendment as per mutual agreement of the five brothers.


There was a famous palmist who made his way through entertaining Thomas in circus events. He was a fraud who was simply leaving people blind, stealing their possessions.

This guy was quite strange looking and his hair was spiked shaped blue in colour. His eyes were light green, and his skin colour was extra fair. He made himself look different than normal people. He used to work all alone and presented himself as if he was quite busy.

One evening, this palmist had two customers who were a husband and a wife. The husband said to him,

“We need to ask about our marriage.”

“You have visited the right place. The mysteries of your fate can be solved here.”

I was hiding behind a wall nearby and I was watching the entire scene.

“Thank you,” the husband got delighted. “You see…”

“…But I am not available right now,” the palmist interrupted, “you can come after two days.”

“We are really worried,” the wife added. “We can’t come afterwards. We really need your help now.”

“I’m afraid if you need my help without any appointment, you’ll have to pay extra and in advance.”

“Okay, sure,” the husband responded.

I understood that this trickster was simply taking unfair advantage of the poor helpless couple.

The palmist said to them,

“You two are married for not more than five years.”

“Right,” the husband responded getting shocked.

“How did you know?”

“And every morning you two are caught up in an argument.”

“Yes, how do you know?”

I whispered to myself,

That happens in every house.

The palmist further said,

“And you are also facing financial issues.”

“Exactly. Oh, my God!” the husband got shocked on his predictability.

I then commented,

Almost everyone in this state is facing these issues because of the government’s corruption. What’s so surprising about that?

The husband sat on his knees and said to the palmist,

“Sir…You have no idea. You have no clue about what I am going through. My wife and I are almost about to break up. We are really upset and we have no option but to seek

your help.”

“Alright then,” the palmist stopped him, “just bring five gold coins and I will help you.”

“It is too much for us. But we will bring it, okay.”

I was more than angry seeing this but I didn’t do anything at the moment.


The stage magicians had gained unexpected importance in front of general public. Their shows were conducted every week, and the young generation was taking huge interest in them.

These stage magicians were not only entertainers but in fact they were dark tricksters who were leaving people blind by stealing their possessions while the show was being conducted.

I saw this happening in front of my own eyes. I was one day seated inside the theatre and I was watching two magicians performing a strange magic. They both were standing at some distance and were waving their hands as if trying to raise the table up. The table started rising slowly in the air and people gave them a huge round of applause.

I however knew that this was mere illusion. There was no such thing as real magic. These people were merely magicians and not wizards, what they pretended to be.

That moment, what happened was that everyone’s eyes were stuck towards the stage magic. The planted thieves were secretly stealing possessions of people in a way that no one could notice. I had seen this finally and I left the place to stand at its exit. I had to stand there, so I could catch these thieves with Abraham’s help.

Abraham and I were standing there as per our plan, but the thieves turned out to be so clever that they left through underground basement. Abraham and I were alone and had no force that could help us.

While the show was over, we were seated outside. We were really upset and Abraham said to me,

“What are we going to do? We can’t do anything unless we have power.”

“I know. I agree that we are helpless, but your time will come. We have eighteen more months and then you will be the king.”

“You know there was a time when people visited churches, now these stage shows have made our public absolutely lazy and irresponsible.”

“I know. Thomas has made everyone like him. People are not worried about their future securities.”

“This is really heartbreaking.”

“I’m sure everyone is not onto this. Sincere people are still there.”


Several months later, we could see an angry mob of more than twenty men gathered around some spot. They had weapons like ropes and metallic ropes in their hands. The moment I saw them, I knew something was going to get ugly.

I may be responsible for this as I did not make my way sooner than I should have. What I was told eventually by a group of people can be described as this.

These men had discovered that the famous blue haired palmist was nothing more than a fraud. He was simply leaving wool over everyone’s eyes, just to gather some wealth.

Unfortunately today, he was there in front of everyone. They all were questioning his methods, and asking why his claims turned out to be false.