You Are My Spring

Stream it! You Are My Spring is not just about love and people who have problems accepting love in their lives. There’s a real story in it which totally makes sense.
  • 24 Jul - 30 Jul, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

You Are My Spring have those elements of classic screen romances: the pair either hates each other at first or they’re attracted to each other right away. But also adds in some messed up childhoods and a potentially interesting murder mystery to the mix. We start with the view of a car in a dark alley; suddenly a body falls down and smashes into the roof of the car. Then we flash back to 1994, we see the story of a seven-year-old girl and her little brother, whose father comes home drunk every night. The mom takes off with the kids in the middle of the night, blood on her hands. Back in 2020, Kang Da (Seo Hyun) is now a grownup, works as a concierge at a hotel, and is renting an apartment in her old neighbourhood, in the building where the murder occurred right before she moved in. Also moving into the building is the offices of Joo Yeong (Kim Dong), a psychiatrist – he keeps looking at the case file for an old friend’s murder who was the partner of the detective he works with. He recently divorced Ahn Ga (Nam Gyu), a narcissistic actress, and also wants a fresh start himself.