Major Grom: Plague Doctor

Expect some interesting content, but the setting for Major Grom: Plague Doctor is novel, and the stock hero vs. villain arc does have a twist or two up its sleeve.
  • 24 Jul - 30 Jul, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Based on the Russian comic book, Major Grom: Plague Doctor pits valiant, St. Petersburg detective Igor Grom against a masked vigilante with violent methods and delusions of grandeur. Igor Grom (Tikhon Zhiznevskiy) is a loose cannon cop. He’s dedicated to keeping the streets of St. Petersburg safe, and bringing justice to the bad guys, but he does it as a lone wolf, to the chagrin of his commanding officer, Prokopenko (Aleksey Maklakov). Out in the streets, the gap between the elites and regular folks is growing wider. The bad boy son of an oligarch kills a little girl in a brazen hit and run, and the courts set him free. It’s the kind of bad behaviour that not even one good cop like Grom can touch and it’s frustrating. Sergei Razumovskiy (Sergei Goroshko) is an elite too – the technology company he founded has just launched Vmeste (“Together”), a riotously popular new social media platform. His vision for Vmeste is to return to individuals their dignity by giving them control over their content. Oleg (Dmitriy Chebotarev), meanwhile, Sergei’s Rasputin-like confidante, takes a more bleak view of society, and how best to clean it up. One night, the oligarch’s offspring is murdered, his sports car detonated in a firestorm, and next up is the banker, blown up in her fancy office high above the city. As Major Grom: Plague Doctor starts to spin in neutral, becoming further mired in formula; it tries to connect these characters to the big reveals and fireballs of its finale.