Colour splash!

If there is one thing that can enliven the ambience at home, it’s colours. Colours depict a million emotions and add zing to your abode. However, when done incorrectly, you can actually cause your current design to look less cohesive. We have found ways you can add a splash of colour to your space without disturbing your design. Read on:

Consider a colourful artwork as an accessory that can help bring colour as well as distinct shapes to your living room.

The six colourful lantern shaped light shade makes for an interesting accent piece.

Fresh plants and flowers can add not only a sense of freshness to your space it is also an excellent way to add colour.

Strategically placing a colourful rug under a table can bring together your living room theme while adding a pop of colour or pattern.

Colourful and shaped like a guitar pick, this sideboard table will only further enhance the colourful theme of your home.

These bright wall cube shelves are perfect to showcase your antiques and call just enough attention.

Mix and match different throw pillows to incorporate multiple hues.