Zhalay Sarhadi - Here Comes The Modern Millennial Bride!

Her name needs no introduction, for her work is enough to speak for the abilities she possesses. Zhalay has been around in showbiz for many years now. Coming from a family of skilled entertainers, Zhalay has worked relentlessly to keep the legacy alive. She kick-started her career with Radio Pakistan’s popular show Bazm-e-Talba, and her many successful television series like Uraan, Madiha Maliha, Aks, Digest Writer and Rang Laaga among many others, are a testament to her notable career. Zhalay didn’t just limit herself to the small screen, having worked on the big screen with films like Jalaibee and Chalay Thay Saath. The talented actress has boundless energy and a tremendous zest for her work. Here, we are taking major style notes from the actress on the fresh bridal wear all millennial brides to-be need to know about.

If one were to chalk up the most defining qualities of the millennial bride, attributes like individualistic, and unconventional would top the list. So, it only follows that this bride is not out to be a mere clone of her predecessors.

She is dressing for more than just that picture-perfect portrait for her 'gram. This bride wants her sartorial repertoire to be a narrative of her personality and sensibility; she wants her ensembles to be as high on comfort as they are on style. That it is no longer just about choosing the heaviest outfit in the store is clear, so what should you be looking to pick up? First off, pastels. While there exists a tribe of brides who couldn't imagine wearing anything but the ceremonial crimson red at their weddings, there is a growing set that is itching to venture beyond. Delicate pastel hues have emerged as a clear winner. With Pakistani bridal finery being the epitome of ‘more is more', soft shades bring balance to the overall look. Cases in point: these beige, white and tea pink outfits.

Secondly, millennial brides are saying goodbye to the bridal favourite lehenga choli. Instead, modern bridal wears have a hint of nostalgia to them i.e. a shalwar paired with the lambi kameez. The lambi kameez is the perfect way to add a little regal realness to your look.
One more thing to note here is that the modern bride wants to look like a sophisticate, not a mannequin. Piling on elements like she raided the latest bridal exhibition in town is not her modus operandi. She would rather let one aspect of her repertoire shine through – so if the earrings are OTT, she will skip the necklace.

Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
Hair & Makeup: Nabila Salon
Designer: Rizwan Beyg
Jewellery: Esfir Jewels
Photography & Styling: Yasser Sadiq