Junaid Khan releases his new single ‘Taqdeer’ after a seven year long break from music

The wait is over

There’s something to be said for anticipation – for keeping the fans waiting and keeping them wanting more. Still, in the fickle world of professional show biz, absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder. So let’s substitute another cliche: out of sight, out of mind. The moment one steps away from the spotlight, they usually just cede it to someone else. That’s especially true in the musical realm, and especially now when every week there’s a new would-be star vying for attention. Nevertheless, history is littered with the names of those who threw caution to the wind, and for whatever reason – a collision between career and personal life, changes in their musical dynamic, or simply the desire to retreat from the world – they took a long break between album releases. One such artist that kept us waiting, and waiting, and waiting for new music is the singer turned actor Junaid Khan. Junaid just released his new solo single, Taqdeer after a hiatus of seven years. “What I'm about to present to the world isn’t just a song but an ocean of emotions – as I comeback to my music to highlight domestic violence which is so rampant in our society,” commented Junaid Khan about his new song.