Mahira Khan, Zahid Ahmed and Sheheryar Munawar teaming up for an upcoming project

From the TV

Mahira Khan, Zahid Ahmed and Sheheryar Munawar are some of the big names in the entertainment industry and when they collaborate, it makes a big news for sure. Celebrity stylist Rao Ali Khan shared a video from the set of the project that is being shot for See Prime. “The showman Subhash Ghai Sheheryar Munawar,” Rao suggesting that Sheheryar has taken the director’s seat for this venture. He went on to refer to Mahira Khan as his muse, Madhuri. There are also speculations and several sources have reported that Zahid Ahmed is also a part of the project. Since Sheheryar seems to be working behind the camera this time around, it seems that Mahira and Zahid might be playing the lead opposite each other. Any further details haven’t been disclosed as of yet. Considering the talent these creative individuals possess, fans are already excited for this upcoming project which could possibly be a short film and is being produced by the digital streaming portal, See Prime.