Is Adnan Qazi’s new directorial song ‘Na Cher Malangaan Nu’ a rip off or a tribute?

Imitation game

When it comes to direction, ideas are key. The capability of a director to create a world into a reality is the backbone of the film industry. Every movie, TV show or a music video that we watch is dependent on how intricately made it is. However, there are times when ideas occur simultaneously. It’s not uncommon to find certain directorial work being similar, from plots to how it is portrayed, many issues have arisen. One such music video that went under heat was the recently released video for the song Na Cher Malangaan Nu. The music video stars the singers of the song, Farhan Saeed and Aima Baig and the video bears strong similarities to a Taylor Swift song titled Wildest Dreams. The similarities sparked a debate on copyright infringement. However, Adnan Qazi revealed in a social media post how his new song was meant to be a tribute to Joseph Kahn and he also gave credit to Joseph and Taylor for inspiring this directorial venture. That being said, Joseph Kahn also recognised the tribute paid by Adnan Qazi via a Twitter comment.