Halsey after being deliberately disrespected in interview will no longer do press

The new mom firmly stated she will no longer work with the press after having a bad experience with Allure Magazine. She called out the publication for misgendering her in their piece and expressed frustration with the way the outlet discussed her upbringing. In since-deleted tweets, Halsey wrote, "Hey @Allure_magazine, first your writer made a focal point in my cover story my pronouns and you guys deliberately disrespected by not using them in the article. Then your admin bastardised a quote where I discuss the privilege of being the white child of a black parent plus intentionally used a portion that was the antithesis of the point I was trying to make," the singer exclaimed. The artist also pointed out the irony that she "hate doing press because I get exploited and misquoted," writing this was an "intimate admission" to share in the first place. The message concluded, "Do something better may be...?" later adding, "#NoMorePress goodbye."