Friends Reunion Emmy nomination is not exactly what Courteney Cox was looking for

The much-talked-about HBO Max Friends Reunion recently snagged an Emmy nomination. Courteney, along with co-stars Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow have been nominated for their work as executive producers in the Outstanding Variety Special category. "Honestly, I am so happy that the reunion has been recognised because I think it's terrific," Courteney told Entertainment Weekly, adding, "Ben Winston [director] did a great job." Although the actress expressed her joy about the special getting nominated, she also dropped a hint about missing one of her very own. "That's not exactly the Emmy I was looking for," she admitted to EW. "I'm being honest with you." Over the course of the hit show's 10-year run, Courteney was only the cast member that did not receive an Emmy nomination. "I'm so thrilled that I got to do it onstage back at that same studio, the same Stage 24, with those incredible people that I love so much. And I'm so thrilled, but that Emmy [nomination] really belongs to Ben Winston… So yes, I'm so happy."