Home office

Here we go again. Now with the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the work from home nine to five starts anew. We have never worked harder at home, and our homes have never had to work as hard either, with rooms multitasking as classrooms, office space and meeting rooms, as well as somewhere to get to grips with our tough new normal. That said, a home office that inspires productivity is essential now more than ever. It is also a great way to utilise quarantine time. Start with these basic guidelines and infuse them with your own personal style.

In case you need motivation to get things done, here’s your notebook inspo. 

This desk organiser for your desk so that you don’t lose papers.

Cup number six? No judgment!

How edgy is this matte metal finish wall clock? And can we please appreciate how oh-so-black it is!

Ceramic pencil holder for your desk in baby pink.

Geometrical sleeve for your laptop, to keep it safe but in style.

Utilise your wall space well, bank on this pin board to keep things sorted.

Greens for your desk!

Fuss-free desk in oak shade to keep things simple and straightforward.