• 07 Aug - 13 Aug, 2021
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Sleep and the lack of it – is the basis for many thrillers. Films like Inception, The Machinist, and A Nightmare On Elm Street have explored what can happen to us when we’re dreaming or not getting the sleep we need. Thai thriller Deep on Netfix, makes sleep a life-or-death scenario for a group of medical school students. Jane (Panisara Rikulsurakan) is used to going without sleep. The medical student spends her nights studying, caring for her grandmother and worrying about her little sister June. When she discovers they are extremely behind on their home loan, a professor suggests that she sign up for a German pharmaceutical trial offering cash compensation. The project is dedicated to harvesting a chemical from the brain called “Qratonin”, essentially the opposite of melatonin – they hope to use it to wake up coma patients. If Jane falls asleep, she dies. It may be a terrifying notion, but Jane is so desperate for the money to help her family – that she agrees. Jane soon discovers three of her classmates are also part of the experiment; party boy Win (Kay Lertsittichai), influencer Cin (Supanaree Sutavijitvong), and nerdy gamer Peach (Krit Jeerapattananuwong). The students become quite the foursome, supporting each other through the first two phases of the three phase study. When one group almost dies towards the end of the second phase, however, the group begins to question if all of this is worth the money. If only getting out – and getting sleep – was that easy.