Penn Badgley felt overwhelmed by his fame after ‘Gossip Girl’, here’s why!

Speaking on the podcast with Rainn Wilson, Penn reflected on how he felt a responsibility to use his fame (and resulting social media influence) to do well in the world. As Penn shared, "The most meaningful form of action I saw, as a person who'd been on Gossip Girl, as a person who had at this point hundreds of thousands of followers, because I got on social media late. If I had gotten on in the middle of Gossip Girl, I very well could've had millions upon millions, so I was thinking, the most meaningful contribution I have to make as an individual is on these platforms." He went on, "And in trying to have a pure intention and honest interaction on these spaces, I also found that I was completely overwhelmed by being conscious of how many likes or retweets or whatever. It was such a convoluted way to be like, 'acting.'" Penn has firsthand experience dealing with another downside of our celebrity-obsessed culture, as he and host Rainn Wilson called it.