Usman Mukhtar comes forward to share his experience with harassment and bullying

Speaking up

The #MeToo movement has been a powerful force in helping to raise awareness of harassment, especially in the workplace. It has provided a platform for those affected to speak openly about their ordeals. So far, most of the people who have come forward have been women; a few men have also come forward with allegations that they were victims of sexual misconduct and bullying, with the latest being actor Usman Mukhtar. Recently, the Sabaat actor took to his Instagram and shared his personal experience with harassment and bullying. “I had wanted to resolve this quietly, in order to not bring negative attention onto a woman, any woman,” stated Usman indicating that he did not wish to make this matter public. He shared that he worked with this particular artist, whom he has chosen not to name, on her music video back in 2016 for which he wasn’t given due credit as a director. Although, Mukhtar was okay with the decision, yet he has “been harassed, blackmailed, bullied online for one and a half year by this woman.”