Saba Qamar schools men to start calling out men with predatory behaviour

Being Socially Responsible

Celebrities know their social and human responsibilities and often raise their voice against injustice and violence. Following a recent barbaric murder, several stars have addressed the horrific incident. Saba Qamar also took to her Instagram to share a powerful message. “Someone said today that all of us women are just one man away from being the next hash tag and it sent shivers down my spine,” the Cheekh actor wrote. “If you are a man and you’ve ever cared even once for any woman in your life, please call out men in your circles with predatory behaviour,” she added urging them to break the bro code. “Please break your bro codes. If you can’t do that then stop pretending to be an ally because you’re only enabler then,” she concluded.” Churails star Mehar Bano had earlier shared that Saba Qamar is a woman who stands against injustice and came to her rescue when she was harassed on a set. It is about time for men to speak up for any injustice prevailing in the society against women.