A Special Place for Women

Rumours of an elite women-only social club prove to be all too true in Laura Hankin's A Special Place for Women. When journalist Jillian Beckley infiltrates New York's secretive club of powerful women, she expects to write a fluff piece at best. What she doesn't expect is for the club's members to be every bit as dangerous as they are elusive.

That Summer

In That Summer by Jennifer Weiner, a woman named Daisy Shoemaker becomes fascinated by the life of a woman whose emails she begins receiving by mistake. Diana Starling's life as a businesswoman seems exciting compared to Daisy's life as a suburban mom. However, there's more to Diana and Daisy soon realises their connection has nothing to do with fate.

The Betrayals

The Betrayals by Bridget Collins is a surreal epic set in the ancient academy of Montverre. Tucked away high in the mountaintops, only society's brightest minds are admitted to Montverre, and that includes Léo Martin, a disgraced politician who returns to keep tabs on the school's new leader, Claire Dryden, on the eve of the school's most prestigious event.